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“Digital” loyalty card

Finally, the long-awaited solution for those who always wanted to have a “physical” points collection loyalty card, but never did it mainly because of printing costs. The “digital” card offers great opportunities: more convenient and functional for customers who always carry it with them on their smartphones; more advantageous for the merchant who doesn’t have to produce “physical” cards and doesn’t risk losing a clumsy customer.

And instead, if the merchant already has a “physical” card, with Dealalala he can immediately turn it into a “digital” one.

If you have either a coffee shop or a pharmacy, a sandwich shop or a clothing store but also if you’re either a dental hygienist or a hairdresser: the “digital” card is essential for any commercial activity, even the smallest one.

How to use it:
The merchant can decide autonomously all the information relative to his card: the points number and value, the prize to give upon completion and its validity period.
His personalized points collection card is immediately available on the Dealalala app. The customer only needs to show the barcode on his card after every purchase and the merchant will have to scan it with the Dealalala Business app to validate the point. When the collection is complete, the customer's card will be cleared to start again from scratch.

Total number of points(no restrictions).
Value of a single point(i.e. 1 point every 5€ purchase, 1 point every coffee, etc.)
Prize(i.e. 10€ discount for next purchase, 1 free coffee, 20% discount, etc.)

App Notifications

When a customer enters the store, the merchant tries to satisfy all his current needs but also tries to create a “link” with them hoping to come to his mind for his next purchase.

Thanks to Dealalala the merchant has an extraordinary opportunity: it can stay in touch with his customers forever and send them, whenever he wants, all the information he deems necessary to motivate them to come back to his store. From the control panel he writes the message to be sent and in real time all his customers receive it as a notification directly on their smartphone.

Customers Chat

The merchant knows well how important it is to always be available. When a customer wants to ask him any information, today he has only one way to do it: he has to look him up on Google. But when the phone rings, the merchant must hope that he won’t be already busy, perhaps serving another customer, and thus risk losing that contact and, above all, a sale opportunity.
Thanks to Dealalala all of this won’t ever happen again. The customer can easily contact the shop via chat and the merchant, if he can, will reply immediately; otherwise he will be able to resume the chat at a later time.

Promotions and Coupons

Thanks to Dealalala the merchant can find new potential customers by posting a special offer or simply by publishing on the app a promotion that is already available at the store.
It’s very simple to create the ad: the merchant writes a description of the products/services, chooses the sale price and then indicates the days in which he wants the promotion to be online, namely the validity period (even starting immediately). He also decides how many customers each day can receive the offer by entering the number of coupons available daily. The user downloads the voucher free of charge, he will pay directly the merchant only after he goes to the shop to collect the offer.
The merchant doesn’t have to pay any commissions to Dealalala and because of this he can really sell at his own best price.

Products Catalogue

The merchant publishes on the app the list of all products and services that he has in the catalogue. All users thus have the opportunity to know what’s available at the store even without physically going there and maybe they will discover that his shop has exactly what they need.


Refreshments to present the new arrivals, a musical evening, the inauguration of the new place after renovations: every time the merchant wants to organize an event he finally has the opportunity to notify his customers and also every Dealalala user. From the app they can book their participation and, if the merchant requires it, receive a personal unique code to access the event.

Shop window online

The merchant creates his business website in just a few clicks. He simply has to choose the page theme among those he finds on the panel, write the description of his activity and upload the photos of his store. The shop website will be immediately visible event to everyone looking for similar products/services on Google (and other search engines) who, thanks to the SEO positioning of Dealalala, will find his website among the first results.


Customers opinions represent a great opportunity for the merchant’s business to grow, but also an extraordinary marketing tool. With Dealalala the merchant can respond to the reviews he received and he can also report the insincere or forged ones to request their removal.

Customers Database

Dealalala helps the merchant to group up all his customers (and those who are not yet) and “hook” them to his profile.
They are “hooked” and added to his database all the users who:
1. take his coupons;
2. download the app and follow his shop;
3. add his loyalty card;
4. leave an opinion or a comment;
5. reserve his products and services;
6. but not only them! All the users who visited his shop page, browsed his promotions or opened a chat conversation with him… basically anyone who has shown interest in his business is added to the database.

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